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  • An exclusive 3 Day Challenge to help you accelerate your business results

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About your Coach: Anna Parker-Naples

Global Business & Mindset Leader, No.1 Bestselling Author
No.1 International Podcaster, 
Multi International Award Winning Audio Producer
International Award Winning Entrepreneur
National Business Woman of the Year & Master NLP Practitioner


Anna is on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs rise as powerful leaders with exceptional online businesses so that they can help others create more impact, influence and income.

She is a British-based multi award-winning Entrepreneur & Global Business & Mindset Coach. Her incredible mindset journey took her from disabled and depressed, to fully recovered and walking the red carpets in Hollywood as an awards finalist. 

Driven to help others transform their lives, Anna now shares with others who know they are meant to be exceptional what it takes to rise to the top in the online space.

As host of leading global podcast 'Entrepreneurs Get Visible', CEO of The Podcast Membership & The Podcast Agency, Anna works with emerging online leaders in her high-end coaching programmes.

Anna has been featured in numerous mainstream media, and her no. 1 bestselling book, Get Visible: How to Have More Impact, Influence & Income, is a guidebook to transforming your life. Her second book Podcast with Impact: Start and Launch Your Podcast Properly is the only book you need if you're serious about up-levelling.

Anna will guide you through what it takes to Raise Your Profile so you can Raise Your Prices.

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Raise Your Profile

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Join the 3-Day Challenge

Discover how to nail your positioning, so you can grow your business, call in your clients and become a celebrated success online

You will be added to the mailing list for Anna Parker-Naples Ltd. You may unsubscribe at any time.